| August/September 1989

3205 Circle Dr. N.E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402

Picture A shows the tractor hooked to a trailer loaded with broken cement and bricks, at the left of the picture you will note the back end of a new pickup truck.

In Picture B is another version with a cover over the driver and a cargo box behind him. This fellow is transporting people instead of bricks and cement. You will also note the most common mode of transport in China, the bicycle.

Picture C shows the single cylinder diesel hit and miss engine with the cylinder in the horizontal position, the fuel tank over the crankcase forward and the hopper type cooling tank over the cylinder.

Picture D shows the left side of the tractor with belts going to the gear box. You will see the head lamp mounted to the fuel tank and turn signal and rear view mirrors mounted on the fenders. It appears this fellow did not intend to drive at night because the generator, mounted on the steering handle, does not have its drive belt attached.

On a recent business trip to Beijing, Peoples Republic of China, I saw something of interest to me and other lovers of tired iron.