Northern Indiana Power From The Past, Inc.

| December/January 1990

P.O. Box 237 Royal Center, Indiana 46978

The 1990 Northern Indiana Power From the Past held its 13th annual show July 19-22 at Winamac, Indiana. We featured International tractors and all other related International equipment and memorabilia. A record crowd came despite the rainy weather; this was our biggest show ever. We had exhibitors from all over the Midwest, as well as visitors from 22 states, Canada, and the Netherlands.

The big red tent was filled with all kinds of International literature, pedal tractors, and memorabilia. Over the grounds were 214 IH tractors, 15 IH trucks, and 396 IH gas engines, as well as a good selection of other make tractors and equipment. We also had five steam engines, three threshers, and a large and small saw mill, plus a very large flea market.

As an added feature, we had a show tractor of a 1/16 scale Farmall 350 toy tractor. The tractors were serial numbered and #1 was raffled off. We will have a VCR tape of the show at a later date.

This all added to the highlight of Saturday, July 21, in which a meeting of some 275 IH enthusiasts eager to form an IH Collectors Club was held. This meeting came about through the efforts of Clyde Berkshire and Fremont Hoover, who thought it was time someone did something to start a club. With some discussion and a few minutes, the International Harvester Collectors Club was formed. A president, Fremont Hoover, and a Board of Directors were chosen. The nine directors, all volunteers, that were chosen are: Larry Eipers and Kelly Birkey of Illinois; Harry King and Mike Androvitch of Ohio; Mark Clemans, Randy Sottong, Howard Lord, Clyde Berkshire, and Fremont Hoover of Indiana. An official logo was approved and by the end of the day, over 200 were paid charter members of the club. A commemorative toy tractor, serial #350, of the Farmall 350s, was auctioned off for $175 by Bob Smith, which went along with the theme of the show.

The IH Collectors Club is open to anyone who is interested in IH. All Club events and news will be published in the Red Power Magazine. Anyone interested in joining may send $2 and an SASE to Fremont Hoover, RR 2, Winamac, Indiana 46996, phone 219-278-7277 or Clyde Berkshire, Box 237, Royal Center, Indiana 46978, phone 219-643-3115 during the day.