'Never Look a Gift Tractor. . .'

| July/August 1987

P.O. Box 118 Clarcona, Florida 32710

Nobody ever gives away a tractor that runs, or so I always thought. For several months I'd seen a tractor sitting behind a yard where a 'froze grove' had been rooted out. Finally one Sunday afternoon I drove down a side road outside Montverde, Florida, and walked over to see what make and model it was Case 400. I walked back to the pickup, as I wasn't interested. As I started to drive away the owner came out of his house with a big grin and waved me to stop. He asked 'Have you got a home for that thing?' 'Well, I might have', I said, smelling him out. 'Well, just take it away, then.' 'Just like that?' 'Just like that!!'

I thanked him and went my way, returned a few days later, turned the gas valve and 'pssht!'' It was an LP gas model and had gas in the tank yet! I 'come-alonged' it out to the road and jumped the starter from my pickup. After much grinding, it caught and ran like a Case should. After a 30 minute engine run, I shut her down and went home.

Returning the next day I started the old gal and drove her home, 12 miles. I had no use for such a big tractor but I had fun running it through 'froze citrus groves' til it ran out of gas. Then I advertised it and sold it right off. I bought an Avery Model V and am now restoring it.

Another gift was a Wilesco steam traction engine which my son-in-law (a Lt. Commander in the Navy) gave me. It sure was a great Christmas gift and sure gets attention.