Need Help

| November/December 1974

It is a [1939?] International Farmall F-12 and the date I'm not sure of. Maybe a reader can shed some light on it as the wheels are unusual and equipped with a hydraulic cultivator lift. I only paid $50.00 for it, but of course it too was not very good looking.

The engine serial number is 328, is headless, water-cooled, has no governor and is valve controlled. Ignition is high tension coil and spark plug. Has an air compressor in the back end and air compressor gauge goes up to 150 lbs. The gasoline tank is made of cast iron. It also has a cast iron air tank and one flywheel. Made by Universal Mfg., Minneapolis, Minn.

I would appreciate receiving any information anyone might have on this engine.

Very few Wallis Cubs left and A.C. Eshelman is lucky to have this one. It was found at Scranton, Iowa, and has not yet been restored. Wallis made a Cub Jr. also and there seems to be a few more of them in 'captivity' than the Cubs.

This tractor was at the show organized by A.C. Eshelman. There were about 3000 people at the first annual show.