| July/August 1967

212 South Cedar St., Marshfield, Wisconsin 54449

The mystery tractor on page 28 of the Nov.-Dec. Magazine is no longer a mystery, and the boys that helped me identify it should go to the head of the class. On Dec. 28, I was at Osakis, Minn., visiting with Jim Withers and he told me that the 2 piston engine was a lightning and was made by the Kansas City Hay Press Company and that there was a 6 H.P. Skid engine at Mountain Lake, Minnesota. On Dec. 30, I was at Adams Minn, and talked with a fellow that used to work with this tractor, which was at Elkton, Minn, and he said that the tractor was called a Kansas City. On Dec. 31, I drove to Mountain Lake and saw this Skid Engine which is in good running order in the summer time.

This Tractor was at Elkton, Minn, and I was about 11 years old when I saw it. It takes a lot of head scratching to remember anything that far back. The 10 H.P. rating is probably right. The 25 H.P. rating I gave it was an estimate of some of the people that remembered it. It used to power a Baler real well and would pull 3 Plows. At one time it was belted up to a small Separator, about 18 inch cylinder with a straw carrier but did not have enough power for that. It has gone the way of lots of old tractors but would be worth a lot today. I would like to know if there are any left. It would be a good project for someone to build a model of this engine.

6 Hp. Lightning Engine at Mountain Lake, Minnesota.

6 Hp. Ligthning Engine at Mountain Lake, Minnesota.

The newest additions to the Wilcox family-65 hp. De La Vergne Model DH #622 and l? hp. Domestic #4446. Sort of the big and little of things.