My Wife's Homemade Tractor

| January/February 1994

  • Homemade Tractor

  • Homemade Tractor

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Could you possibly tolerate one more tractor story? Sure hope so, because here we go.

My son and I made this little tractor for my wife. It started with a Crosley car that we cut down. It is powered by a 23 A Briggs and Stratton engine with a 6-to-1 reduction gear box on the engine going through the Crosley clutch, transmission, and rear end.

We used the Crosley steering mechanism on the front end, and part of the frame as the frame. The tractor is way over powered. It can pull a tremendous load or spin the back wheels. You can travel at a very slow speed in first gear, or you can speed up in high gear to a moderate fast walk. This makes it nice for my wife to use at crafts, and historic engine shows.

We want to thank the many readers of GEM for answering questions and helping us restore our engines.