| January/February 1984

  • W-14 Tractor

  • Restored W-14 Tractor

  • W-14 Tractor
  • Restored W-14 Tractor

340 Queen St. Lennoxville Quebec, Canada J1M-1K9

This W-14 tractor was found quite by chance sitting in a construction yard. It was purchased in the area of Quebec city about 150 miles from my place. The owner, Mr. Charles Robitaille, was reluctant to let it go because his father had bought it new. I promised it a good home and after deciding on a price of $450.00 he sold me the tractor.

I must explain that my father and myself are I.H.C. dealers. George, my father, being in the business for well over 30 years. Out truck driver, Hector Veilleux, had a friend who lived next to the construction yard and knowing of my interest in old iron let me know of this particular tractor. By early spring '82 I had the tractor home and under cover. The tractor stayed on my mind all summer and finally after the summer rush of work, I just had to get started on it, with the idea of doing only the front end the first year. Having the old iron bug as bad as I do, this idea did not work and as you can see from the pictures I completed the tractor during the winter months.

Wanting to start at the right place, I removed the gas tank and gas tank front support which, of course, we know what's on that gas tank support. The all-important serial number plate. The serial number is ws4499 making my W-14 a 1938 and the 365th built. Next, the front-end was taken apart, sandblasted, primed and fitted back on the tractor. Having done this so quickly and having the rest looking so bad, I borrowed a sandblast to do the rear housing. Before I knew it every piece of that tractor had been cleaned and primed! The process of re-assembly began with help from Pierre Poirier, who works in my paint shop; Yvon Leterneau, my head mechanic; and Bert Veilleux, who is my garage controller; things went well and we finished the tractor in April '83. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them. Three good coats of paint and some new decals, the tractor looks and runs like new and will be housed inside except for a few parades.

I have a great respect for people and magazines who preserve these machines from a by-gone time. I depend a lot on your magazine (GEM) for information because there are no clubs in Quebec. I have rebuilt six International Harvester tractors, starting with a Titan 10-20. My next was a McCormick-Deering 10-20, followed by an F-12, I.H.C. 8-16, F-20 and now my W-14. I will now be on the lookout for another I.H. to add to my collection. I hope to find it soon because when next Fall comes I will be feeling the old iron bug again.


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