My Sattley Simplex No. 30

| September/October 1996

Burr Oak Farm, 3832 Columbiaville Road, Columbiaville, Michigan 484211

I built this replica gas powered tractor during the winter of 1995.

I have always wanted to own an Oilpull tractor, but could never quite justify the cost. In 1994 we were at a farm auction and the owner had a small replica of a Rumely Oilpull for sale, which he had built. He used a small LB engine. I must admit that it looked a little crude, but it sparked my interest in doing such a project.

I had a Montgomery Ward 3 HP Sattley engine sitting in the shed, which had been there for years. I decided to start with this, and other junk parts which had been lying around, also for years. About the only thing I really had to buy was the 5' channel iron for the frame. I also used square head nuts and bolts to add authenticity to the project.

I started by cutting the 5' channel iron to length and then heating it and bending it outward approximately 15' to form the rear platform, while the front part of the frame remained the width of the engine.

The rear axle is early Jeep (because of its narrower width and lower gearing). I had to make ?' adapters to weld on the axle ends to accept the iron wheels. All the wheels are from an old Oliver Superior manure spreader, as is the front axle which used tie-rod steering.