| November/December 1970

  • Jack with Samson Tractor

    Jack Thompson
  • Witte Drag Saws
    Courtesy of Carroll E. Reid, Box 156, Keithsburg, Illinois 61442.
    Carroll E. Reid

  • Jack with Samson Tractor
  • Witte Drag Saws

102 Britannia Street, Stanford, Ontario, Canada.

I enjoy the stories in the Gas Engine Magazine about the history of the various makes of tractors and the experiences of the owners and operators, so I shall attempt to present my own story.

I purchased a Samson Model M, No. 23378 in 1938. The motor in this tractor was in bad condition. Instead of rebuilding the Samson motor I had Litts Garage of Sebringville, Ontario, install a six cylinder Chrysler automobile engine in the tractor.

This was not an original idea. I went to see a set-up of this kind, but it was more attaching a Samson gear box and rear wheels to an automobile. As a result, the outfit was too clumsy for my purposes.

In this instance the tractor front wheels and original wheel base were retained. The Samson flywheel cover was removed from the block and bolted to the gear case. The frame was Ford Truck Model B attached to the rear axle housings by U bolts and bolted to the Samson flywheel housing with wooden spacers. The Chrysler clutch was used as linkage provided to the Samson clutch pedal. The Chrysler transmission was sawed off by hacksaw retaining the clutch shaft. A grease fitting was provided to lubricate the clutch shaft bearing. A short piece of Essex drive shaft was fitted and welded to the clutch shaft. An extra bearing and cast iron housing was added to Samson bevel pinion shaft. This was held in place by the six bolts which hold the bevel pinion double row No. 309 bearing housing case in the Samson gear box.

The drive connection between the Chrysler motor and the Samson bevel pinion shaft was an Essex universal joint. The belt pulley had to be dispensed within attaching the frame. The front bolster was made by a blacksmith out of flat iron three inches wide by one half inch thick. The pivot pin was Ford truck spring hanger.