My Ole Huffie

By Staff
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Ever since I was seven years old I have been interested in old
engines. When I turned 16 years old I decided I should build a
tractor of my own.

I went to a few shows and looked at all the homemade tractors
very close. After I finally bought an old Bolens lawnmower frame
that I thought would work, the fun part began.

I spent one full evening just sitting there drawing it out.
After that was done it was time for the work to begin. After many,
many sleepless nights I finally found the right pulley set up. Now
putting an engine on it was a different story. The first time I sat
the engine on it, the frame almost bent. So I had to reinforce the
frame by welding braces along the bottom.

The first time I drove it it went too slow, so back to the
drawing board I went. I reworked the clutch assembly and changed
the pulley ratio. Then I was in business and it drove a lot better.
By this time I had been working on this ‘toy’ for five
months and had been working every night after school until the wee
hours of the morning. I spent about two weeks painting it and my
long time dream had been accomplished.

I have shown my ‘toy’ at many local shows the last year.
Most people are really surprised to see that a 16 year old built a
tractor, but I couldn’t have done this without the help of all
my engine buddies, whom I thank very much for their advice. So
that’s how I got ‘my Ole Huffie.’

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