My Li'l Mite

| March/April 1987

  • Garden tractor
    MIGHTY MITE. This restored garden tractor is owned by Jack D. Harrell of Roanoke, Indiana.

  • Garden tractor

P.O. Box 142 Roanoke, Indiana 46783

My story of a restored garden tractor began from an article in the 'Smoke Rings' colum of GEM. A Mr. Wilson was asking for information on Mighty Mite tractors built in Denison, Texas, by the Jaque Saw Co. Through letters back and forth and a talk at the Portland, Indiana show in 1985, I made a deal to buy the tractor from Mr. Wilson. A trip halfway for both of us and the transfer of many parts from his car and trailer to my truck and trailer was done.

It was finally dug out of the corner of my garage late in March. It was disassembled the rest of the way. The differential was a sad case. A parts tractor showed up just in time for rear end gears.

It was finally ready to go to the sand blaster. The engine needed only a valve grind and a carburetor kit.

Now was the time to prod my bearded brother Dan into priming and painting the tractor for me.

A bit of research through Texas Parks and Wildlife got me a letter from the man who penned the name 'Mighty Mite' for the Jaque Company in 1947.

Zack Baker
7/2/2009 1:46:47 PM

hello, my dad has a mighty mite tractor, believed to be a 1948. it has a sears roebuck motor on ith that looks like someone swapped on there due to the 1/4 inch plywood spacing it up. now the clutch isn't connected to the motor and i was wondering if you would have information or pictures of the clutch on this machine because i dont know if i have all the parts or how exactl;y it goes together. any information would be a help. thanks