| August/September 1998

P.O. Box 876 Elmer, New Jersey 08318

Five years ago I became interested in old tractors. This interest was sparked by friends who were farmers and restorers of old farm equipment. Since I enjoy tinkering, I decided to restore an old tractor. Hearing there was a 1934 John Deere GP available in southern Delaware, I hitched a trailer to my pickup and headed south.

Surprisingly the tractor was in pretty good shape. It was in running condition. The seller had purchased this GP 27 years before for $325. It took me about six months to restore it to original condition.

The experience of restoration fascinated me, and I found I had 'caught the bug.'

The hit and miss engines I saw at fairs and farm sales began to intrigue me. I learned John Deere offered a 1 HP, 3 HP and a 6 HP engine. The search was on!

Placing ads in local papers, I began to receive calls about gas engines for sale. If the price was right I purchased them. I learned a lot this way. Then one gentleman called and had a 1 HP John Deere for sale. In my haste to own one, I purchased it. WHAT A WRECK IT WAS!! Not having a lot of the parts, the restoration of this engine became a continuing education.