My Hay-Barn 'LA'

| March/April 1995

Ford V8 engine

P.O. Box 6 Wilmington, Vermont 05363

Several years ago the Vermont Gas and Steam Engine Association held a show during May in the town of Danby. I was serving on the board of directors, and as I lived the closest to the site, assumed the responsibility of having the field mowed. The task was simple, another member of the Association had a friend who lived in the area who would mow the field for an annual membership in the Association and a book of raffle tickets on the engine that is raffled each year. All that I had to do was notify my friend, who would con tact his, and the field was mowed. Easy for me and a good deal for the Association.

On the Thursday before the weekend of the show, I drove past the field and found that it had not been mowed. I returned later in the day to find the field still unmowed. I could not remember the name of the person who was to do the mowing.

The field was owned by the proprietor of a nearby tavern. I drove over to the tavern, hoping that the owner could advise me of the name of the person who mowed the field. The owner's son was the only person present who said that a person who owned the first farm north of the site had mowed the field. The name did not sound right, but it was worth a try.

I was employed as a game warden and was wearing the uniform that day, complete with 'Smoky Bear' hat and side-arm. The man who answered the door was apprehensive to see an officer. I assured him that I was not there officially, but on behalf of the engine association. He said that he had mowed the field in the past, but had not done it for several years, and did not know who did. He said he would be happy to mow it for the Association, but had nothing to mow it with.

He then stated that he had an engine and asked if I would like to see it. Of course I'd like to see it!