My HATZ Tractor Is A Mystery

| January/February 1990

2715 E. Birch Run Road Burt, Michigan 48417

I acquired this Hatz tractor from my cousin, Dick Woodward, who purchased it from someone who knew only that it came from northern Michigan. I have talked with many collectors recently, and no one has ever heard of a complete Hatz tractor.

It is a mystery as to how this tractor came into this country, as you can determine from information in letters from Hatz representatives inquiring about the tractor.

A letter to cousin Dick from Motorenfabrik Hatz, GmbH & Co., KG, 8399 Ruhstorf/Rott (the German manufacturers of the tractor), reads as follows:

'Thank you very much for your letter of June 8, 1978. We were pleased to note that you are the owner of a Hatz Z 90 tractor, built in 1960. Could you, perhaps, let us know at your convenience through which channels this tractor came to Birch Run?

'As requested, we are attaching hereto an instruction booklet as well as spare parts list for the engine type Z 90; for any further questions re spare parts or repair advice, please contact Hatz Diesel of America, Inc., 2867 So. 160th Street, New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151, who will be gladly at your disposal. Signed C. Steppacher, Export Manager.'

Ludwig Ammer
5/13/2012 10:28:41 PM

Hello, after 22 years it might not interest you anymore, but your tractor is a Hatz TL17, and Z90 only is a number for the engine. Gear-No. should be HURTH G819 All the best, amelio