My Haas Atomic Tractor

| July/August 1989

  • Haas atomic tractor

  • Haas atomic tractor

R #4, Box 277 Viroqua, Wisconsin 54665

About twelve years ago, I was visiting a friend in Coon Valley, Wisconsin, who told me about an old tractor he had seen about a mile from town sitting on the edge of a woods. It was a small tractor, and the fellow who owned it said it was a Haas and it was for sale. I said, 'Let's go and look at it.' We got there and I thought, 'Oh my, what a piece of junk.' One gear from the final drive laid on the seat and was broken. It was made of solid brass. The sheet metal was bent up and rusty. The man who owned it gave me a price and I said it was too much.

Four years ago we had a small engine show in that town and I had some one lunger engines on display. The man who had the Haas tractor was there. He liked my engines and said he still had the Haas tractor and wondered if I was still interested. I said I had forgotten what it looked like. He said, 'Get in my truck and let's go look at it again.'

The gear still laid in the seat and the tires were rotted to pieces. It looked really bad. He gave me another price which I still thought was too much. He said there was a 12' molboard plow and an extra engine for it. I told him what I would give him for it and after awhile he said okay, hoping I would get it going again.

He said it was too heavy for a 1? ton pickup to haul to Viroqua, so some friends in our engine club said they had a trailer they could get and they would haul it home for me. It weighs about 1,500 lbs. with the wheel weights on.

We got it home and my wife said, 'What do you want that junk for?' It looked hopeless but I thought I better do something with it or my wife would never let me buy anything anymore.