My Fordsons

| December/January 1988

  • Two Fordson tractors
    This is a picture of my two Fordson tractors- a 1920 and a 1922.

  • Two Fordson tractors

689 Hy 92, Indianola, Iowa 50125. 

 The steel-wheeled one was my first restoration job. It was in very bad shape. The motor was stuck and needed many replacement parts. The rubber-tired tractor was running at the time I purchased it.

Back in my boyhood days, Dad bought a new Fordson like the steel-wheeled tractor. He traded a horse and a few dollars to boot for it. As I grew older it was my job to do the plowing, and that old tractor I never forgot.

So this is why, at the age I am, I decided to go for the Fordson. They were featured at the Waukee Show this year. We had twenty-five Fordsons of many different years.