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(age 6), R.D. 2, Box 35, Potomac, Illinois 61865

On Friday, August 23, 1991, which was supposed to be my first
day of school, Mom and Dad let me skip school to go to the
Portland, Indiana tractor show. Dad and I got up real early and
headed for the show. We met Grandpa and Grandma at the show. We
walked around and looked at a lot of neat old tractors and engines.
While we were looking around, we found a John Deere 110 garden
tractor for sale. Dad had been looking for one for me to buy for a
long time.

Dad and Grandpa talked to the man for a long time, and decided
to buy it. Dad paid for it and now I have to work harder at the
farm to pay him back.

We had to fix a few things and get it cleaned up and painted. We
put new decals on it and Grandma painted the gear shift numbers and
some other things. Grandpa helped do lots of work on it and he
found another set of back rims. We bought another set of back tires
and a new set of front tires. Now my tractor has a set of duals and
looks just like my dad’s 4010 John Deere. We have a snow blade
to put on it but we need to find a few more parts.

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