My Dream Come True!

| January/February 1990

Box 501 Warburg, Alberta Canada T0C 2T0

This has two WD-40 tractors involved. The first is about the one I fixed and the other WDC #578.

I shall give a brief history of the #578 first. It was bought new by Greenhough's Ltd. in the spring of 1936. Greenhough's Ltd. was a partnership between two brothers, Fred and Hargreaves. They had an IHC dealership in the Genesee, Keephills district of Alberta which was about fifty-five miles southwest of the city of Edmonton. Edmonton is the capital city of the Province of Alberta, Canada. Greenhough's Ltd. also farmed in the area at the same time. They quit the dealership in 1966 but they still farm in the same area today.

Greenshough's is now run by sons of the former partners: Harvey, Bill and Glen. Harvey believes that #578 was the first diesel wheeled tractor to reach Edmonton. Of course, at this late date, I don't know if there are any documents to prove it, but this is interesting as there are scores of diesel tractors around Edmonton now. #578 was a 1935 model and was painted bluish grey. It was originally on steel, but Greenhough's tried it out on rubber too. They have a picture of it on rubber tires. Greenhough's used #578 mostly on the breaking plow in summer doing their own and customer breaking. It ran around the clock lots of times, especially through WW II. In winter they did custom feed grinding with it.

In 1951 they decided to sell #578 and my dad, Vernon Osbak, bought it along with a breaking plow. We still have the plow, although the trip is broken. At that time #578 was on steel wheels with 6' extension rims front and back. It still has these wheels. Dad used #578 for custom breaking until the early sixties, and he changed the frame under it as the old one was leaking gear oil from a crack it had at the bottom of the rear end.

The frame he replaced it with was from a 1938 W-40. This tractor was a derelict at the time, with the motor out of it. It was on steel and had a four speed transmission. It also had a three spoke hard rubber covered steering wheel. I still have the steering gear from this tractor. After this repair Dad used #578 mostly around home for the heavier jobs.