My Dad’s Restored Advance Rumely

By Staff
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641 Park Avenue North Mankato, Minnesota 56003

These are pictures of my dad’s recently restored Advance
Rumely 6 cylinder tractor. The serial number is 6A 736. It
didn’t look like this the first time I saw it, when I helped
him drag it home. Knowing my dad like I do, I knew it didn’t
make any difference what it looked like then. After complete
disassembly, sandblasting, fixing and making parts and putting them
together, and finally some paint, it runs like new. Advance Rumely
made their own engine, a good one, Dad says.

The manifold had to be rebuilt; he used nickel rods and a big
grinder. He also made all new valves, as the originals were rusted
too badly. A big elm tree had fallen across it where it stood in
the grove. Quite a lot of work went into the gas tank, hood, and
fenders. He has one more new tire to put on the front.

My dad John, my brothers Nick and Chris, and I (Cathy) are
members of the LeSueur County Pioneer Power Association, located
six miles east of LeSueur, Minnesota. Other equipment he has
includes: 1936 B John Deere, 1929 G.P. John Deere, 1940 H Farmall,
1936 regular Farmall, 1926 10-20, 1929 10-20, 1930 Twin City KTA,
1930 Allis Chalmers 20-35, 1921 Minneapolis 35-70, and a 40-64
double wing feed separator that has been with the 35-70 for life.
He also has many gas engines from Maytag to 7 HP, and he enjoys
working on anything old in his spare time.

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