| July/August 1998

3502 Patterson Lane, S.E. Cleveland, Tennessee 37323

These are pictures of my dad's garden tractor. I'm interested in contacting others who are familiar with the Planet Jr. tractors/equipment, and in specific information about this particular model.

The tractor's original owner suffered a heart attack just after beginning the garden work in the spring of 1952, and decided to sell the tractor to my dad, Charlie Davis. Dad has plowed the same garden area for the past 45 consecutive years with this same little tractor, and has done a lot of other work with its help.

The original tires were just replaced in the spring of 1997 with new Firestones that are almost identical to the old ones (the 6:50 x 16 is slightly larger than the original 5:50 x 16). The wheel weights were homemade using lard can halves that are concrete filled and held on with long stove bolts.

I think this tractor is fairly unique in its articulated steering design. When the handles are pulled down, the tractor turns in that direction and is fairly easy to control in a plowed field. The steering mechanism and its pivot points and arms/levers have never been replaced. The clutch is a sliding/locking type and is the original, with never any problems. The little tractor and my Dad (80 years young) just keep on farming!

General information: it's a 1951 model, Planet Jr. (S.L. Allen Co.) s/n 11210, Briggs & Stratton #BR 6. Original equipment includes turning plow, cultivator w/lay off plow, disc harrow, two-wheel trailer, and factory supplied wrenches (Cast with S.L. Allen name).