My Crosley Mighty Mite

| October/November 1994

R.2, Box 371-13, Buckhannon, West Virginia 26201

Several years ago I acquired an old Mighty Mite #10 tractor. A couple of people told me it was an Eshelman Estate tractor, but I found the name-plate. It was made by the Jacques Saw Company. (Maybe like the one in the February 1994 GEM. Mine is red in color and probably dates about 1946.)

The power unit was a Model 23 B & S fed into a modified Jeep transmission; a short shaft to a differential through a set of large bull gears to axles, like most of the larger row-crop tractors, such as F-20 Farmall, for instance.

This rig was a real piece of art when I got it. The original engine was a basket case. Someone had substituted a 5 HP engine that didn't cut it. Sort of like putting a Volkswagen motor in a Kenworth.

With some judicial scrounging and a few visits to the scrap yard, I found another B & S 23 and a couple of 19s. I now had all the parts to get the original 23 going, plus a few spare parts to keep it running. That ol' 23 is a fine engine. It is rated at 9 HP governed. Throttled direct, it's capable of about five more horsepower.

I mounted up the 23 after a 15 minute test run. The clutch needed more attention than I could give. It was 'kaput.' I made a centrifugal speed clutch using a flywheel from a small Tecumseh four stroke and a pair of motorcycle brake shoes. (If anyone wants to know how I pulled this off, you're more than welcome to write me and I'll send you the specs.)