| January/February 1982

  • John Deere L

  • John Deere L

217 Edgewood Drive, Marietta, Ohio 45750

I was just looking through my grandpa's GEM collection, when I saw an article in the July-August 1974 edition by a young collector. Since I am only 14 years old, that gave me an idea to write this article. Some people say young people don't care about how tractors work, about the sound of engines running or more. For me, that is not so. I do enjoy engines very much. In fact, when I went to my grandpa's when I was younger, I would always ask him to start up one of his old engines or let me drive one of his tractors or to let me do anything concerned with mechanics. But I do not bug him anymore since I have my own collection at home to tinker around with and enjoy.

The first engine I took to a show was a Maytag. It was not mine but was my grandpa's. He let me take it to the shows until I got engines of my own. I still take the Maytag to this day, however.

The first engine of my own was a Briggs and Stratton 1? HP. I thought a great deal of it since it was my first. I got it off a Bolens garden plow. It is not very old (approximately 1950s). All it needed was to be cleaned and painted.

Later I belted it up to a water pump and now I take them both to the shows. The pump is red and the engine is black and aluminum.

My next engine was a Reo which I got off a Reo lawn mower. The mower wasn't very good so I just the engine. All it needed was to be cleaned and painted. It is red.