My Boyhood Friend Russell Workman

| December/January 1995

6405 US 50 West Hillsboro, Ohio 45133

Here are pictures of my very good friend Russell Workman, 2550 Ruble Cemetery Road, Lynchburg, Ohio 45142. Russell and I have been good friends since boyhood. He and his father had a machine shop and did many jobs for area farmers. They had a steam engine and thresher, and did custom threshing, and farmed. They built the tractor in 1940, using a flat head V-8 Pontiac engine and Reo truck transmission and rear axle. The rock shaft in front was to use a buck rake. Russell used the tractor for several years, then it sat outside 'til he restored it this year, using a Ford V-8 engine, the same Reo transmission and rear axle, rear tires and wheels off a combine, new fenders, radiator and some metal work. It now runs well.

Many years ago, they built a power unit for us on the farm from a 1930 Cadillac car, for us to run our hammer mill and corn sheller.

Russell built a little brass steam running engine, that can be held in the palm of your hand, and also a model gasoline engine.