My 30-60 Townsend Tractor

| September/October 1995

  • Morris Blomgren on crawler

  • Morris Blomgren on crawler

10139 Blomgren Road, Siren, Wisconsin 54872

I wanted to show your readers my 30-60 Townsend tractor that I had before I traded it to Norman Pross of Luverne, North Dakota, for two other tractors. He now has it at Rollag, Minnesota. That's me on the crawler. The way I understand it, there are only two of these Townsend tractors still known, mine, and Howard Stater of Drake, North Dakota, has the other one.

Does anyone know how many 30-60s were made? I still have the 12-25 which is an older model with chain steering. The 30-60 is auto-steer. I know of several 15-30, 12-25 and about two 10-20. They surely must have made more than two 30-60s!