My 1947 Farmall Cub

1947 Farmall Cub is fixed up and ready to go

| January/February 1996

This 1947 Farmall Cub was purchased from a friend of the family in the fall of 1990. It had some serious mechanical problems that were repaired during the winter. The governor was repaired, as well as the rear main seal, clutch and pressure plate.

My 80 year-old father, Harold O. Wyborny, wanted to get the Farmall Cub in shape to enter in the local Merlin town parade in May. Due to unforeseen circumstances, this was not to be. In March of '92, as we were working on the Cub, my father suffered a fatal heart attack.

In his memory I gave top priority to a compete restoration in time for the 1993 Merlin parade. This time my goal was accomplished. I entered the Cub, pulling a small trailer carrying his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. To the surprise of everyone the Cub was awarded First Place in the Antique Vehicle Class!

Grandpa would have been proud!