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My 1927 Hart Parr

By Staff

RR 33, Blair Road, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, N3H4R8

I have just finished restoring my 1927 Hart Parr 18-36, serial
#28812. I thought this might be of interest to the Hart Parr lovers
that enjoy reading the magazine.

I purchased it a year ago and spent that winter bringing it back
to life with some help from my two brothers and my father.

One Saturday in the spring made up for all the skinned knuckles.
That was when we started it up and drove it out of the garage under
its own power after it had been sitting there for over twenty
years. This was a joy to behold.

After restoring this tractor I can now better appreciate the
time and effort others put into restoring their antiques.

I am now restoring a 1912 2? HP Stover model W gas engine. I
enjoy reading the magazine and it has answered a lot of questions
that have come up in the past.

  • Published on Jun 1, 1990
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