Much To Do About Tractors

By Staff

Submitted by LeRoy A. Miller, Branch #48 EDGE&TA Topa Topa
Flywheelers, 154 S. Las Posas Road, Camarillo, California 93010

There is much to do about tractors
To get them back into shape

Some are old and rusty
Need paint in’ after you scrape

Throw the parts in the sander
Pull ‘um out shiny and new

Some paint ‘um green
Some paint ‘um red
I prefer orange don’t you?

Load ‘um all up for the Christmas parade
Pray it don’t rain so our ribbons won’t fade

There is much to do about tractors
It’s very exciting you see

On Donner, on Blitzen, on Rudolph and Jon
On Michael and Larry and Lee

They’re all kinda nuts about tractors
You’d think they’d flown to the moon

Oh they’ll soon come back to their senses
Till they go to the auction in June

Then there goes the dough for some rust on four wheels
They’ll barter and bargain and ‘Let’s Make a

I’ll pick up this part if you pick up that
Slip ‘um a twenty for an ol’ John Deere hat

Oh yes, there is much to do about tractors
This you can count on you see

It’s not really my bag to do all that work
So I’ll stay home and watch on T.V.

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