Mr. Monarch

| October/November 1996

  • 1926 Monarch crawler tractor
    Bruce Zumwalt poses next to his prized restoration project: a 1926 Monarch crawler tractor that was manufactured in Peoria. He brought the Monarch back from the Buckley (Michigan) Old Engine Show in August 1995.

  • 1926 Monarch crawler tractor

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Reprinted with permission from Iroquois County (Illinois) Times-Republic, where it originally appeared in the January 5, 1996 edition.

Frequently a young boy never forgets this love affair with a tractor. And so it is with Bruce Zumwalt of Sheldon.

His fondness for a powerful and sturdy machine known as the Monarch crawler can be traced to the Great Depression years of 1928-30, when he recalls, 'I was just a little boy' and he rode with Alvin Batt, who was then the Concord Township road commissioner, as Batt used the Monarch to grade roads and shape water-drain off ditches between Sheldon and Iroquois.

'A lot of kids develop a love for certain types of machinery, and for me, the Monarch was it,' said Zumwalt.

So you can imagine his reaction when he first attended the Buckley (Mich.) Old Engine Show on the third weekend of August in 1989 and discovered a Monarch tractor there.