More Scratch Model Building

| August/September 1986

RR #1, Box 63 Avoca, Iowa 51521

Wives and mothers are some of the most wonderful things we can have around anywhere, any time. Especially at a gas engine show. They are always there to fix things to eat, help set up the tent, or just watch the display while we take a break.

My wife has been with me 35 years now. I believe she enjoys gas engine shows and swap meets, about as much as us guys. Last summer our son David went away to work, so he couldn't attend many shows. I didn't know if I really wanted to go to the trouble of getting things ready to go, or just stay home. I'll have you know, my wife set her foot down, and said she wanted to go, so we went to several.

I'm really a John Deere tractor fan. My wife seems to like several brands. Her favorite old tractor is any Rumely Oil Pull. She has often said she just loves the sound of their exhaust. We both would like to have one, but I'm afraid it's out of the question, on two counts. First, we live in town, and I'm afraid it wouldn't go over too big, for us to have a monster like that in our backyard. Especially, considering the neighbors have already objected to our son's John Deere tractors. Also the cost would be prohibitive.

Thinking, I would still like to own a Rumely, the next best thing would be to build a model. This winter she and I looked through the different tractor books David has. We found lots of pictures of Oil Pull tractors.

I started out with a sheet of white card stock, from our local newspaper office, and some sticks sawed about W square. I'm not great on figuring  scale inches, so just tried to make things look believable. Our Rumely is about 11' long and possibly 7' tall. I had noticed they are a rather stubby tractor. I have pieces of white 'semi trailer' mud flaps. They are plastic, and break off in cold weather. We found them along the highway. This plastic is very easily glued with Dupont Duco Cement. It is also very easy to drill and shape. This is what I made the wheels out of.