| February/March 1990

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  • Tractor

Route 4, Box 1043, Eufaula, Oklahoma 74432

I have been reading, with great interest, your issue of November 1988 in which there is a great deal of information on Henry Ford's Fordson tractors.

Many facts unknown to us have been revealed in the piece by Jack Heald, such as, it had never been disclosed to us that such a tractor as the MOM had been a predecessor of the real Fordson.

I grew up in Oklahoma's wheat country, Garfield County. My dad had an early Fordson, one of the first in Garfield County, and I seem to recall that another man had owned it briefly.

Dad grew up in a blacksmith shop, the son of a Swedish immigrant blacksmith. So, the addition offenders and canopy to the Fordson came easily. Also the addition of a Taco flyball governor gave the tractor enough additional power that a third plow was added to the Oliver two-mold board plow that was recommended for the Fordson to handle.

The governor was driven by a gear that replaced the timer rotor on the front of the cam shaft, and the timer was then applied on the top of the governor, with rotor turning as on the cam position.