Montana Memories

Aultman-Toylor Tractors Under Montana's Big Sky

| February/March 2004

I've collected photos of steam and gas tractors for years, and thought I should share a few with the readers of GEM. For the record, I do own a few old one-lunger gas engines - mainly to prove to the dyed-in-the-wool gas engine men in our local old-iron club that I am not partial to steam!

The photo 2 is  just above shows an early Aultman-Taylor gas tractor in Kansas, its compressor pump handle for pneumatic starting leaning forward. A reserve air tank is located to the rear of the handle, and the box forward of the compressor handle is a belt-driven mechanical lubricator with lines running to the engine's moving parts.

The photo 1 at the top of the page shows four Campbell Corp.-owned Aultman-Taylor tractors harvesting grain on one of Campbell's southeastern Montana farms. The Campbell Corp. of Montana and Texas boasted the largest wheat farm in the world at this time. Campbell is purported to have owned about 30 of these late-style, round-radiator gas tractors.

The photo 4  was taken in 1921, and shows 14 Aultman-Taylor tractors plowing 640 acres in one day on the Campbell wheat farm near Hardin, Mont. This was a publicity stunt done for the Aultman-Taylor advertising department, which stated, 'There were no stops due to the tractors.'

This last photo 3 shows a late-style, fan-cooled radiator 30-60 Aultman-Taylor near Havre, Mont. My friend Paul Thompson, Lewistown, Mont., owns over a dozen of these Aultman-Taylor round-style radiators, taken from where the Campbell tractors were scrapped in southeastern Montana.

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