Model Maker Responds

| April/May 1987

  • Skids for display
    Pictured is an engine that I machined from Cole's castings. I first mounted it on skids for display and later built the saw rig. People like to see engines doing something and it does a good job of sawing miniature logs.
    Andy Gortsema
  • Tractor

  • Skids for display
  • Tractor

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I was reading the article under the Reflector's column and was surprised about the 'no comment' on models. I, for one, really enjoy reading about other model makers, so please keep it up. I believe we all enjoy reading GEM but a good many of us are guilty of the 'no response'. It's always easier to think someone else will do it; however, we need to realize that if someone doesn't do it we won't have these articles to read. I'm a member of the Georgia Antique Engine Club, Inc. We started our club in 1982 and incorporated it in 1986. We have grown from a handful to 200 members. As a club function we promote 4 to 5 shows from May through October in the surrounding area and as individuals we help swell the crowd at many others. Engine folks are a terrific bunch of people. Many of us enjoy the miniatures. We have several members, including myself, who enjoy machining them as well as displaying them. They are an interesting asset to the hobby.

Also pictured is a tractor that I built 4 years ago. the trans axle and front axle came from a Sears 10 horse garden tractor. I built a special frame and mounted a 2 horse Fairbanks Morse on it. It has a 6 speed transmission and is geared to run from a slow crawl to a fast walk. The rear wheels are filled with water for traction. It will pull anything or spin the wheels even on concrete. I use it as a yard tractor and occasionally take it to the woods to drag out logs for firewood. It has received many excellent comments at the shows.

Ron De Joux
8/7/2009 7:57:46 AM

I am including a photo of a Cat.60 model tractor I have not long finished. It is a full working model,main clutch steering clutches self starter. Engine block is from a Coles casting kit of a Holt. Hope this is of interest. Ron. Australia.