| January/February 1974

A picture taken at an English Vintage Show this summer showing my ten year old daughter, Jill, driving the actor I built for her from junk car parts. She is taking part in the Grand Parade.

The tractor has a 1000 gasoline engine, 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, independent rear wheel brakes, etc. It was built in the open, alongside my house and I even had to teach myself to electric-weld to complete the job. Also, during this summer, in my spare time, I've built a some-what similar tractor for my 13 year old daughter, Susan, powered by a Perkins diesel engine, which she drives at shows.

From this you can probably understand why I'm keen to build a working model of one of your American old-time tractors. Nothing similar is even seen in England, so the interest would be terrific. I admire the pictures of the Rumely Oilpulls, I.H.C.'s, and Aultman-Taylor tractors and would be happy if the American readers would supply me with information on these fabulous machines to enable me to build a 1/3 size working model.

c Shows during 1974, so we are saving with this goal in mind. Therefore, if any American enthusiast needs an extra driver for one of his vintage machines during a show, Jill and Susan would love to oblige. They are both very experienced tractor drivers. Susan started at age five and Jill at age two -Honest and I have pictures to prove it!

Thanks for printing such an interesting magazine and if any American Readers would like to write me, I'd be happy to reply. What a pity we don't have a similar magazine here!