| October/November 1997

Massey-Harries  tractors

49 Boston Avenue, Hornby, Christchurch 8004 New Zealand

Massey tractors on left, traction engines and other equipment on right.

To sum up in a few words, and going by comments at the rally and from what we have heard since, the Massey 150th Expo Rally held Easter weekend, March 29-31, 1997 in Aylesbury, Canterbury, New Zealand, was one big successful rally.

It doesn't matter from what angle you look at it, whether it was the brilliant weather throughout the four days (this including set-up day on Good Friday), or the largest ever rally for New Zealand and probably the Southern Hemisphere of 1,250 exhibits of which half were tractors, or having an attendance of 15,000 plus people over the weekend, it was all very successful.

The organizing committee with support from our Vintage Farm Machinery Club, was both glad and rewarded in deciding to stage a working rally in contrast to a static display at a show grounds. The usual attractions of previous rallies, like pulling sledges and dyno testing etc., were very quiet at this event, because there was so much else to do with tractors. For example, some tractors were hooked up to harvesting equipment, one day was the official ploughing match which involved many tractors, and there were many and varied parades in the ring during each day; but, the thing which pleased many was the fact that they could hook onto a plough, cultivator or whatever and do their own thing. Another plus were the traction engines, crawler and spade-lugged tractors which had no restrictions of movement on the grounds.

The harvesting demonstrations were one of the main highlights of the week-end. Harvesting equipment at work included mowers, side-delivery reapers, reaper and binders, old tractor-drawn combines, to the later Massey-Harris self ropelleds and, to complete the picture, two Massey Ferguson combines: one a MF 815 which lives on the property, and the other a huge MF 38 which is second biggest of the latest Danish-made models.