'Marvosh' Tractor

| December/January 1994

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My experience with single cylinder engines began in 1925 at age 13 on a dairy farm near Cleveland, Ohio. We had gas engines for pumping water and buzzing wood.

In 1926 we moved to a farm in Mayville Michigan (population 900) which seemed like the ending of the pioneer era and the beginning of the new. There were split rail fences and not a tractor in sight except the steam powered for thrashing grain.

The wind damaged wood windmill for pumping water was replaced with a gas engine. Ford tractors began replacing horses, but we could not afford one.

Our 1922 one ton model T Ford truck was worn out and Father gave it to me to do what I wanted with it.

Electricity finally came in about 1930, and I had power for the electric drill motor. I made a tractor from the Ford truck, which had two Chevrolet transmissions added to the Ford transmission with no drive shaft. Universal joints were added between each transmission, which I found at an auto junk yard. The rear axle was a worm-drive with ample strength.