| January/February 1986

  • John Deere Lindeman crawler

  • John Deere Lindeman crawler

Route 2, Box 330, Irrigon, Oregon 97844

My wife, Marlene, and I left Irrigon, Oregon this fall morning of 1983 to attend an auction of farm equipment at Sunnyside, Washington. For some unknown reason we were ahead of schedule, so we decided to drive by a used equipment lot to check on their offerings.

I am a back row person. That is, I focus on the stuff that is in the last row. You know what I mean. The bright, new expensive iron is in the front row, and the next rows are less desirable for most people.

In the back row of the Massey-Ferguson lot was a John Deere Lindeman crawler. As we sailed on by I asked Marlene if she saw the Lindeman.

'No,' she said, 'but I saw a Deere Model A with a wide front end.'

I thought to myself, 'That's good. She's usually looking at houses and yards.'