Made From Scratch

| November/December 1986

Here are examples of the 'ingenuity' of our readers engine buffs who have taken odds and ends, parts from various engines, and put them together to form a new engine or piece of equipment.

This sideshaft engine was built during the winter of 1983-84 by Earl Rains, 209 N. Olive St., Eldon, Missouri 65026. It has a two inch bore, 2 inch stroke, and has 12 inch flywheels. It is a very good running engine and has been displayed by Earl at several shows in his area.

A tractor and lawn mower that Arnold Walter, of Rt. 1, Boyd, Minnesota 56218 made from scratch. The motor is a 4-cyUnder Continental from a 1950IHC baler; the back wheels are from a John Deere spreader. It has a Ford rear end and a Chevy 3-speed transmission. The mower is a 3-blade, 50 inch one. Arnold spent three years, working part-time on this project. He also collects engines and hand tool grinders.

This one-of-a-kind 'back yard shop special' was built by W. A. Ellis of Rt. 2, Box 117, Talbotton, Georgia 31827. Mr. Ellis spent two years working in his spare time on his project. The crankshaft was machined from a solid steel shaft and the cylinder head was poured at a local foundry. The side frames are all cast iron from Ellis' patterns (the foundry would not make patterns). This engine runs fine and started up on the very first try. 74-year-old Ellis is retired as a machinist with the Department of Transportation of the State of Georgia.