| October/November 1989

  • Worthington Tractor
    Worthington #1070; shows that I need a new battery.
  • Worthington Tractor
    Note where my lucky penny is.

  • Worthington Tractor
  • Worthington Tractor

The Worthington Register, R. D. 2, Box 44, Mertztown, Pennsylvania 19539

Factory engineered and built in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania from 1920 and on into the 50's, these mini-tractors can provide a fairly low cost addition to any collection. Their initial purpose was to serve as tugs of mowing equipment around golf courses, replacing horses.

The rarest and probably the least practical are the early front wheel drive Model 'T's offered through 1923. An example of one of these is on display at the Boyerstown (PA) Museum of Historic Vehicles, a donation from the Worthington family.

The ideal in our thinking would be a rear wheel drive model 'T'. Over 900 were built from 1924 to 1930. Costs currently range from $500 up to under $2000. The asking price of the one pictured here is $ 1500. Their light weight of about 1000 pounds means easy hauling to shows on a light duty trailer.

Being compact units, they can fit into the corner of most garages and small sheds. Own an acre or more and they can still serve towing that utility cart load of firewood in from the back forty plus provide much of the same hand cranking fun of that stationary engine.

A similar tractor built up with many Model 'A' Ford parts was introduced in 1930, however only 425 were ever built. A complete original would be a rare find. Many were stripped of their useful Ford bits and the remains cast in hedgerows and elsewhere. The author's 1932 was one of these with little Ford left when found.

6/26/2012 4:38:42 PM

In addendum to my first remark: the engine is a four cylinder with what appears to be what we called a ford crab type distributor. There are no plug wires,. but rather a set of metallic contacts that run from the distributor to each plug. There is a lever above the steering wheel that I presume is a mechanical advance. Any info would be appreciated; and it is for sale.

6/26/2012 4:35:23 PM

I have a complete Worthington Mower. The badge says: Worthington Shawnee Mower. The serial is A 526. It is complete minus the hood and was running before it was stored. I could use the specs if anyone has them. The points appear to be oxidized. I happened up on it recently and have begun to clean it up. It looks an awful lot like the Worthington # 1070 pictured above. Any info would be appreciated. I'll upload some pics as soon as possible. The floorboard and seat are wooden and appear to have been added by the former owner.


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