Loine Freeman Farm

| July/August 1976

Both of the above pictures are of the same outfit only at different settings. They were taken on the Loine Freeman farm which is now Mt. Hope Airport. They were taken in 1940. Mr. Freeman had to have the crop off by a certain date as the contractor's machinery was already preparing part of the farm for the runways.

The tractor is an Imperial sold by the Robert Bell Thresher Company of Seaforth, Ontario and the thresher is a Robert Bell made at Seaforth, Ontario. It was owned by the late Melvin Reed of Mt. Hope and he is seen standing on the separator. The other tractor is an Allis Chalmers (United) and a McCormick Deering 17 x 22. Hay Press is owned by Hilliard Twiss who is pictured feeding the baler.