Little Farmall F-14

| November/December 1993

  • Little Farmall F-14

  • Little Farmall F-14

408 Murray Street, Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895

This little Farmall F-14 started when I found a steam valve hand-wheel in a junkyard! I thought: 'This looks like a little steering wheel for a Farmall.'

Then I started digging through my junk tractor parts and found an old Farmall gas tank and radiator which I had to cut down smaller. I also found the wheels, which had to be altered. I found the rear tires at a local junkyard. The best find of all was the steering box, which looks very original. It came from my dad's scrap iron pile behind his barn. He told me it came from an old combine it was used to raise and lower the reel. The front tires are off of a hand truck. I put each tire in my metal lathe and grooved them out to make it three rib. The seat is from my son's old toy pedal tractor. The rear end is a Springfield three-speed transaxle.

I made my F-14 in 1990. It took me three months, working only in the evenings and on Saturdays, since I work at a lumber mill during the week. I have a total of $35.00 in the materials. I've had my Farmall in three parades and eight engine shows.