| January/February 1995

6230 E. 81st Street North, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401

This is an improbable story, to say the least. It starts on two fronts at the same time about two years ago.

To begin with, I purchased a 12-24 Hart-Parr from a friend of mine. It was missing the steel wheels, which I like to have on all my tractors. When I started whining about the missing steel, he mentioned that he had heard of a Hart-Parr in a creek. He thought it was an 18-36 on steel, but wasn't sure. He never did tell me where it was, as he had an 18-36 of his own, and the steel wasn't right for my tractor.

At about the same time, I was buying some pedal cars and other miscellany from someone else, who lived only about eight miles from my place. During the transactions, I mentioned my 'junk and rusty iron fever.' He piped right up and told me that 'over there' (with a general wave of his hand) there was a steam engine 'in the crick.' He finally pointed to a little road and said 'down there a little ways.'

When I left his place, I followed the little road 'down there a ways,' and lo and behold! 'In the crick' (actually an old stream bed, now part of an irrigation canal system), there were some submerged wheels, just barely visible under the water. But, it didn't look like steam engine parts, and I thought it was probably old manure wagon wheels. I wrote it off to the old man's memory or maybe D.T.'s.

Now, about two years have gone by, and I'm back buying the 18-36 from the guy I bought the 12-24 from, and he reminded me about the Hart-Parrs in the creek. This time he took me to about where he thought they should be, but it was fenced and he didn't know whom to contact about them.