Let Her Hike Along

| April/May 1988

464 S. Fifth Street, Sebewaing, Michigan 48759

I was seven years old the first time my Dad took me along threshing. He had two threshing rigs on the road at this time: a 19 HP Port Huron, and an 18 HP Aultman-Taylor, steam engine; two grain separators, one 32 inch Aultman-Taylor and a 30 inch Farquhar; two Bidwell bean machines both 36 inch; one #9 Birdsell clover huller; and an Ann Arbor hay baler.

Most of the threshing at this time was barn threshing. The farmer would haul the grain and navy beans into the barn and then would thresh it. A few years later they started threshing right from the fields. This was a good thing for the farmer but, not so good for the thresher. Everybody wanted to thresh the same day.

The 30 inch Farquhar was a hard running machine and in tough wheat it would really make the old 19HP Port Huron work hard. I can still see the lantern, that Dad had hanging under the front smoke box, swaying back and forth. He used it for moving at night.

Dad did some trading in the past three years. He now has a new 25x45 Crossmotor Case tractor, and a new 28x50 Crossmotor Hart Parr, a used 25x50 Aultman-Taylor tractor and a used 16x30 Hart Parr.

He sold the 19HP Port Huron steam engine but he still ran the 18HP Aultman-Taylor steam engine for a few more years. We also used it in the sawmill.