Ladies, Grin and Bear It!

| December/January 1993

  • 1953 Farmall Super MD Tractor
    shares the story of how her husband Dick bought and restored this 1953 Farmall Super MD in 'Ladies, Grin and Bear It.'

  • 1953 Farmall Super MD Tractor

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Once upon a time there was a happy little family on their way out West to visit their friend Mongoose Jimmy. Baby Bear Roanne usually determined when and where we ate, as baby bears aren't very good at waiting once they've decided it's time. But that was okay, we needed to fuel up anyway.

We settled into a table and a happy face came over to wait on us. The people out there are so friendly and pleasant, always have a minute to chat with you. Soon we are engaged in a delectable meal. However, I noticed my husband's gaze out the window was getting more intense. Across from the restaurant was a small repair shop with several pieces of equipment that had caught his attention. Quickly he finished his meal and announced he would be right back, but told us to take our time. Which was fine with me because with baby bear Roanne and medium bear Carl, you don't have much choice.

Papa Bear Dick returned all excited about some old relic, oh excuse me, a precious gem, diamond in the rough, he had discovered. The owner wasn't there, but was expected shortly.

There was a nice big parking lot, that's another interesting thing about the West; there's so much more room. Maybe that's why the people are more relaxed you don't have to worry about stepping on someone's toes all the time. Anyway, it was a perfect place for baby bears to run around and get exercise.

After my domestic duties were tended to I toddled off to inspect this rare find. At first I questioned my husband's enthusiasm. Obviously this vintage piece was on its way to the killer pen with several parts already plucked and the engine was very stuck. But Dick had never been able to afford one back when he was farming and it was love at first sight. He liked her nice straight lines. It was a Super MD Farmall.