| April/May 1987

3109 Ridgeway Drive, Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46816

The tractor was used and abused like no other for about 20 years. It was used by Dad's brothers on the homeplace northeast of Tripp, leased out to the school for $3.00 a day to help dig the basement for the auditorium in the late 30s, and used on the threshing machine about 10 years.

When the Second World War was about over, Dad got a model A John Deere on skeleton wheels and in '48, a new S.C. Case, so by now we weren't using the KT much.

The Korean War came along and I was gone for about 2 years and kinda forgot the old Twin City. It sat behind the garage for years, was used to plow some gardens and dug a basement in '51, was robbed of parts and rusted tight.

Then Louie decided to save what was left and pulled it to the east end of town where it sat for years under some trees.

Meanwhile, I came to Ft. Wayne and worked at the IH truck plant. In 1982, I found out about the big 60-90 Twin City at Rollag, Minnesota and it got my interest going.