| May/June 1974

Garden Tractor

Milton Gilbertson

2801 Old Limestone Road, Wilmington Del. 19808

Hope someone can tell me about this garden tractor and how old it might be -I do not know how many of these are around. The description I have is American Farm Machinery Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Has one valve, mechanical [exhaust], the intake is free floating. Gear case and engine is cast in same block. Has a Wico magneto built in Springfield, Massachusetts, Type B1, Number B 1, Number 14822, Pat. 1920.

Thanks for the many interesting items which you put in the magazine which brings back many childhood days.

4 miles North of 1-95 and 5 miles South of Pa. line was the spot for over 125 exhibits at our hottest party yet. Whatever the mean temperature of Delaware is, it was the meanest those two days with the heat. But with no rain the lawn held up well under the 'chug-chug, footsie-footsies' of the 45 different makes of one-lungers, from Mr. Schaefer's tiniest engine model to Ches & Joanne Leis Rock Island and Massey Harris 4-wheel drive tractor.

An F-12 IHC and 1925 McCormick were shown by Raymond Lindell and Dave Harwell. The old F-12 still had the original bronze bearings supporting the crankshaft. Not to be outdone by the big ones, Charles Sullivan Jr. had a splendid display of Maytags, 1913 Upright, 1923 #82, Twin Cylinder, Single Cylinder, and son, Doug, showed his nice model Steam Roller. James Haldeman forgot to bring the wash, but ran his 1-1/2 H.P. Mogul and wooden Majestic Washing Machine anyway, just washing the air.

Clarence Lintz was running his German Fairyman Diesel and his Aermotor showpiece. Other Aermotors were exhibited by Jim Riley and Ray Robertson. Robert Lefever with more unusual engines, besides his New Holland were the Nazy, Gray, and 4 H.P. Rumsey. Up from Broadway, Va. was W. R. Runyan with a showy upright Fairbanks Morse of 2 HP. Farthest from home would be Preston Foster, Warren, Ohio, with a 1-1/2 HP Domestic. One of the 5 HP horizontal Ottos was shown by Dave Reed. It kinda dwarfed his small ignitor Lauson. Wayne Reed's 2-1/2 Leader was outsized by Dad Harold Reed's 7 H.P. Economy and the 6 H.P. Ohio. The other Otto belonged to Ron McVey, along with the handsome 3 H.P. Badger, 3-1/2 H.P. Quincy, 1-1/2 H.P. Domestic and 1/2 HP New Holland.