Kitchen Tractor

| April/May 1990

  • Tractor on display
    Tractor on display at Clifton Old Times Days, Xenia, OH, September 1989.
  • Chris Kitchen on tractor
    Parade interview at Clifton Old Timers Days; Chris Kitchen on tractor.

  • Tractor on display
  • Chris Kitchen on tractor

1191 Swailes Road Troy, Ohio 45373

I am writing for my son, Chris Kitchen, but without his knowledge. He and I recently completed building a four engine homemade garden tractor to pull in local garden tractor pulls and exhibit in steam and gas engine shows in our area.


Each engine is controlled by a separate throttle and ignition switch and drives through its own hand lever operated belt clutch to the jack shaft located between the frame rails. Each engine can be operated independently or in any combination with another. A common foot clutch pedal also activates the selected hand levers to allow the tractor to drive and operate the same as any single engine standard shift tractor. The jack shaft couples directly to the Crosley transmission which in turn hooks up with the shortened implement driveshaft. The driveshaft couples to the John Deere right angle gear box which is double belted to the Wards axle assembly. Braking control is with a homemade internal expanding shoe inside the Wards cast iron drive pulley rim which was bored to suit the size of the homemade brake shoe.


The engine next to the driver is started from the seated position with the recoil starter. Each engine is then started, in turn, by turning on its ignition switch and engaging its hand clutch. The tractor will operate on one, two, three, or four engines or any combination thereof. The foot clutch is then depressed, gear selected, clutch released and you are under way.