| January/February 1983

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  • Tractor

Marlene Schnell Box 330, Irrigon, Oregon 97844

It was one of those late summer days when you know fall and the first frost is soon to come. The haying season and the irrigation was over for another year. Now there should be enough time to do a couple of handsprings and sit down and pet the dog or take a walk to see what you had been too busy to see. But this is not the case.

Deere hunting season opens tomorrow in Oregon, so Marlete and I will start by heading for the coast.

It's an unwritten law. The people from the coast must drive to Eastern Oregon, and we in the East must go West.

We packed the 'Ghost' and headed West from Irrigon along the Columbia River at 10:00 AM Saturday for whatever was to come. (The Ghost is a gray, 1966 Plymouth four door sedan-the kind that you can leave the keys in and be confident that it will be there when you come back.)

As this was to be a leisure hunt, the first order of business was to stop at The Lone Pine at The Dalles for lunch. My experience has taught me that if you treat your cook to whatever she likes, it increases your chances for going a next time.