John Fredritz's Favorite Color Is Orange

| May/June 1991

3203 Norton Road Radnor, Ohio 43066

If it is a tractor and it isn't Allis orange, John Fredritz probably wouldn't want to own it. As a boy, growing up on a farm in Wyandot County in Ohio, John worked with Allis-Chalmers tractors. Now a truck driver with Central Transport, operating out of Detroit, he still helps out on his mother's eight hundred acre grain farm when needed. John still works hard, but his real interest now is in buying and restoring antique Allis-Chalmers tractors. Over the past eight years, he has acquired thirteen tractors. Most of these were for his collection and a few were just for parts.

Collecting is a way of life for the Fredritz family. All of John's brothers collect various kinds of antique tractors and his mother still owns the 8N Ford she and her husband had when they started to farm.

Mary, John's wife, says, 'It was the wrong color.'

John likes the Allis orange color so much that he had an orange Morton pole barn put up to store his collection. Mary flipped through their album and pointed out a picture of the barn.

Jon shares his father's interest and his collection. He participates in tractor pulls using one of their Allis-Chalmers 1937 WC's. They have not modified the tractor in any way, except to add weights to the rear wheels and the front end. Jon loves the sport so much that he is encouraging his fianc?e, Karen Hucke, to take it up herself. He says she is so tiny and weighs so little, she could really gain an edge in the event. Jon also owns two Oliver 70's and a Montgomery Ward Twin Row.