| July/August 1983

Box 3164, Minot, ND 58701

The year 1982 is now HISTORY and it is now time to review with you and fellow G. E. M. readers, the hilites of our 1982 Club Year.

Our membership in 1982 ended with 443 members from 35 States, 5 Canadian provinces and 1 member from England.

This figure was an increase of approximately 275% in total membership over 1981 membership total. Some of the Club's activities for 1982 included participating in a number of parades with 'restored' John Deeres and attending in person by various Club members at Threshing Shows during the year.

Austin, Manitoba, (Canada); Lynden, Washington; Rollag, Minnesota; Makoti, Drake and Lansford, North Dakota were some of the more than a dozen shows attended and recorded on colored slides by this writer.

The Lynden, Washington; Austin, Manitoba, Canada; and Rollag, Minnesota were 'firsts' for me this year. I might also add that anyone having never attended any of the above 3 shows should be making plans to do so in the near future.

11/6/2010 1:06:18 PM

Hi my name is Bob Glenn I live in Tehachapi Ca . I am 56 years old . back when i was still working and driveing home I passed by a farm and i seen a farmer drive up and park a John Deere tractor by his barn , it was a John Deere A with a cultavator on it ,ever day I would think I need to stop by and see if he wonts to sale it . but I didnt because I couldnt aford it . I would drive by it for the next 3 years , think I would love to have that tractor it was a beautiful tractor . then I came by one day and there was some junk guys that had the tractor turned up side down and the wheels cut off of it and turned it in to junk . I was just sick what thay did to that tractor , I couldnt beleve my eyes . I would love to have a John Deere A but I guess I can never aford one . If I ever get one I will keep it for ever . Its my favorit tractor a tractor like that should be keept for ever .to teach our young people about our past and all the hard work our farmers did , and still do today . one day I will have a John Deere A .