John Deere Followup

| December/January 2000

19073 Route 52 North, Rickardsville, Iowa 52039

In the December 1999 issue, you published a picture of my 1939 Massey Harris 101 Jr. I said I was 81 years old and my next tractor would be a 1939 B John Deere. Well, here it is. I bought this tractor in 1995 and put it in the shed. It was not running. In the spring of 2000, I decided it was time to get it going. When, draining the oil, I found part of a bolt, so I decided to check it out. Of the three bolts that hold the cam shaft to the timing gear, only one remained. I checked the rods, and decided to replace one of them. Replaced the fan gears. Took the head to a local tractor repair shop for a valve job and the report was a cracked head. I replaced and installed new rings, a different magneto, one rear tire, and made a muffler. I did all of the work except the valve work.

My next project is a Model T Ford. This past winter, I restored a spring wagon, a one horse cutter and some gas engines. I enjoy the hobby and your magazine.